Why Polymer Clay?

A business can only be as sustainable as the materials they source and use for their crafted products. At CandyClay, we focus on using polymer clay along with other high-quality sourced materials, such as karat gold, for our earring designs. We believe that using high-quality parts will result in a high-quality product for our earring pieces. For this reason, we wanted to share what this type of clay is and why we chose these types of materials versus other sourceable materials. We hope this post will help you learn more about the benefits of polymer clay and the other materials we use that sets us apart as a high-quality earring design business. 

What exactly is polymer clay?

This is a question many may ask is what exactly polymer clay is and how it is used. The scientific version explanation of polymer clay is synthetic modeling clay and derives from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. The benefits of polymer are that it is more lightweight, manageable, and bendable than other materials. As fellow DIY lovers, we love the lightweight feel and design capabilities that polymer allows us to create our beautiful earring designs. 

Why is polymer clay our go-to material for our earrings?

While we utilize other materials such as resin, beads, and tassels (just to name a few) for our earrings, polymer clay is the base for most of our earrings. Aside from the lightweight and bendability, there are many other reasons why polymer is our favorite material to work with when handcrafting and creating our earrings. Let’s look into some of the other reasons why we just love polymer clay. 

Durability: polymer clay is a rigid yet bendable clay which when baked correctly. It should not shatter or crack over time, which means when using it to hand make our earrings, you can be assured they are strong and durable just for you. Also, did we mention it is also easy to clean?! You read that correctly as you can hand wash it with ease. 

For care tips on your earrings, we recommend visiting this page for more information.

Fade-resistant: over time, many materials fade, but not always the case with polymer clay. This material, when stored out of direct sunlight, should not show visible fade over time. It is safe to say that your earrings should stay beautiful and elegant looking even in time. 

Predictability: with polymer clay, you know what to expect when it is being handcrafted throughout the making process. Therefore if you are ordering one of our custom-designed pieces, we can assure you that the size of the polymer clay will not change during our creation process.

Ease of Storage: Storing polymer clay properly is relatively simple, and it does not require special storage techniques. However, we recommend that you do not store your earrings in direct sunlight, in your care, or in any area that sees regular moisture. 

Concerns or questions about storing your earrings? Check our FAQ for more tips.

We focus our business solely on using only high-quality, non-toxic, and sustainable materials for all of our products. We hope this guide on polymer clay helped you understand more about this material and why we love using it to create beautiful earring designs that you will love for years to come.